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             Permanent Video Installations, N.E. Branch Seattle Public Library,
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  • 1984: American Film Institute, Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship, CO
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  • 1984-’82: Seattle Arts Commission, Artist Grant, Seattle, WA



  • 2017: SOUL Gallery, Media Installations: Kali; Itinerants #98245. Orcas Island, WA
  • 2016: Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, Finland.
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  • 2018: THE LINES, An Experiment in Collage: with found text, actors and moving digital projections that explore the profound divisions within American society and the longing for reconnection.
  • 2018: RETURN OF THE SUN, Video and sound installation commissioned to introduce the Sea Stars musical performance honoring the winter solstice. Various materials, screens and images combine to challenge the viewers' perception and experience of the changing seasons.
  • 2012: “…EACH MINUTE, THE LAST MINUTE”, Title from Denise Levertov's Living., Super 8mm film transferred to High Definition Digital; 3 digital projectors, audio, multiple scrims: dimensions variable. An ineluctable distortion of knowledge, and remembering as images shift in spatial relationships.
  • 2010-‘09: RONDELET, Four channel pattern piece explores the manipulation of time through expansion and contraction to confound our sense of linear sequencing.
  • 2009-‘08: STILL POINT, Multi-media performance, considering the layered fluctuations and tension between dependence and independence, and the palpable connections between the past and the future.
  • 2008: ITINERANTS, Multiple video projections onto various buildings and objects. Itinerant faces contemplate the surrounding space and activities.
  • 2006: CHAMBERS ST., Large dual video projections on exterior walls. 10 min. loops. Homage to pre 9/11 “ground zero” subway location.
  • 2006: REFLECTOR, Multiple video projections onto various buildings and objects. 5 minute loops. Itinerant faces contemplate the surrounding space and activities.
  • 2004: FAZED, Sound and video installation exploring the existential realities of time. 6 minute loop.
  • 2001: PAUSE, a six-channel video and sound installation (in collaboration with artist Norie Sato). Examination of the notion of parallel experience as it relates to simultaneity, quotidian cycles and the space-time continuum during a 24 day period.
  • 1999: LETTERS FROM THE HILL, Video, Sound, Paper Installation. A companion piece to Gulf: a video portrait series, inspired by the four-year correspondence between the artist and the incarcerated youth.
  • 1997,’94: INSIDE PASSAGE, media Installation. 4 Video Projectors, 16 audio monitors. Located at the Colman Ferry Terminal, and Hanger at Sandpoint Art & Cultural Center, the installations explored our collective “sense of place” using memory and the metaphor of travel to observe the past and consider the present.
  • 1993: NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Video/sound Installation, with Norie Sato, Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle, WA. Environmental space with nine monitors, switching between two channels of pre-recorded video/sound and one channel of “live” video of imagery made by participants utilizing electronic drawing tablets.
  • 1987: MOONS, by Laura Brenner. Performer, two-person dialogue and movement piece. Seattle Arts Commission, New Writer's Series, Seattle, WA
  • 1986: AUTOCRATIC, by Alan Lande. Performer in series of subversive “Americana” vignettes held in the SCCC Parking garage. Seattle Arts Commission.
  • 1985: RUBBER BLOOD, by Alan Lande. Performer in large-scale audience interactive work, held in Memorial Stadium. Pioneer Square Theater, New Works Series. Seattle, WA.
  • 1983: PERSON -TO -PERSON: DIAL DIRECT, with Jill Medvedow. Mixed-media window installation, 911 Contemporary Arts Center, Seattle, WA.


  • 2017: KALI. A Hindu Goddess whose name means 'time', is believed to be the mother of natural forces that can either build or destroy. As an avatar, KALI's presence reminds us that we have a choice: to embrace our differences and trust the power of joining others, or to isolate ourselves and live in fear.
  • 2012-‘99: MINOR DIFFERENCES. HD Video, 1:16minutes. Five juvenile offenders are followed for nearly 20 years as they grow from boys to men. In 1994 they were incarcerated 15-to-18 year olds: Caucasian, Mexican-American, Native American and African-American. As kids they committed serious crimes: murder, kidnapping and assaults. They were felons by age 16.
  • 2007: REMORSE, Videotape. 90 seconds. Primordial longing unfolds.
  • 2004: TWITCH, Videotape, :30 seconds. Space and time hiccup.
  • 1999-‘94: GULF, a Portrait Series, Videotape, 92 minutes. An in-depth look at ten juvenile offenders in maximum security. A reality check from their point of view.
  • 1993: ENGRAM, Videotape, 18 minutes. Part-fiction/part-fact, interwoven memories uncover the unspoken beneath everyday routine. Though three characters have outwardly diverse cultures and background, they discover a shared experience in familial relations.
  • 1991: CAN WE NOW BE HEARD?, Videotape, 37 minutes. Co-produced with Annie Grosshans. A series of interviews with ten very diverse women talking about their experience in making reproductive choices.
  • 1990: INTERRUPTIONS, Videotape, (3) :60 second spots. Commissioned by the New England Foundation for the Arts as part of their Myth America project, for their cablecast program," Mixed Signals ". Developed as interruptions to regular cable programming, while using the same format as commercials, the content in the tapes subverted the consumer intent and provided an opportunity to engage in ideas rather than commodities. Issues included racism, gender, and aging.
  • 1990: I CAN’T SEE MYSELF, Videotape, 4 minutes. An experimental exploration in perceptual awareness.
  • 1985: MUSICAL CHAIRS, 16mm Film, 23 minutes. A fact with fiction film about Palestinians and Israelis, homes/homelands, borders/walls, and the need to talk.
  • 1983: IN BALANCE, Videotape, 15 minutes. Without narration and traditional documentary form, this videotape finds a relationship between popular American Culture and traditional Native American life.
  • 1980: A FISHING PEOPLE, The Tulalip Tribes, 16mm Film, 17 min. This documentary traces the historical role of fishing as an integral part of the culture and economy of the Tulalip Tribes of Washington.


  • King County Library, Minor Differences, feature length documentary.
  • Seattle Public Library, Luminaire, three permanent installations in the N.E. Branch.
  • Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Artists’ Program Collection, Videotapes: Inside Passage, Engram, Gulf, and Pause.
  • Lowell Seattle Public School. The Videre Project. Permanent Photo Installation.


  • Robert Coron, Seattle, WA
  • Carole Fuller and Ethan Schwab, Seattle, WA
  • Cynthia Hayward, Seattle, WA
  • KrekowJenningsInc, Seattle ,WA
  • Jeffery Murdock, Seattle, WA



  • 2013-‘89 Professor, Cornish College of the Arts, Art Department, Seattle, WA.
    Teach all levels of moving digital art and super 8 film: the history, aesthetic tradition, and production skills: camera, lighting, and editing.
  • 1999–Spring Acting Co-Chair, Art Department, Cornish College of the Arts
  • 1996-‘79 Producer/Director/Photographer, Oaksen Productions, Seattle & WA.
    Operated a full service film/video production company - responsible for the completion of documentary, and educational media concerned with public affairs, art and culture.
  • 1996 Instructor, Artworks, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA.
    Created an intensive seven-week class in video production as part of a summer youth-in-art training project for at-risk teens.
  • 1995-‘94 Instructor, Videotek, Green Hill School, Chehalis, WA.
    In tandem with conducting an independent documentary at Green Hill, developed a media production curriculum, and taught weekly classes training incarcerated youth in writing, photography, videography, and video editing.
  • 1994 Visiting Artist, Experimental Gallery, Olympia, WA.
    Taught six-week summer workshop in painting, drawing and writing to incarcerated youth at three Washington State juvenile institutions.
  • 1984-‘81 Founding Director, Focal Point Media Center (formerly part of and/or service), became 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA.
    Founded regional center for media exhibition and post-production access, serving independent producers and artists.
  • 1979-‘75 Planner, The Tulalip Tribes of Washington, Marysville, WA.
    Design and implementation of Overall Tribal Health and Social Services Plan, an integrated approach to employment, training, and social services. Created a tribally controlled on-reservation health clinic.
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